NemoADB by PokeNemo

NemoADB is a GUI program useful to speed up your shundo snipe if you have an Android device with GPS Joystick and a Windows PC.
It is also very useful to teleport multiple android devices simultaneously and it is completely free.

You need:

NemoADB just sends commands to "GPS Joystick" app (not to Pokemon Go), so there are no risks of ban since GPS Joystick is the safest spoofing method right now.

1. Fast loading: the avatar will move randomly after teleporting in order to fast load the map
2. Multi-device support: you can teleport multiple devices simultaneously
3. 1-click wifi-pairing, to easily use "adb wifi connection" with one click only
4. Teleport by copy-pasting coordinates and clicking on "start" button
5. Running a route by writing TheNameOfTheRoute and pressing "start" button
6. Remote raid: to teleport 86 meters far from the copy-pasted coords, in order to use remote raid pass instead of normal pass

NemoADB is totally free. If you like it, share it with your friends, please.

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